Artwork: A Series of Oil Paintings

These are some oil paintings i’ve completed over the long December holidays last year to polish up my painting skills.

I usually take about half a month to complete one painting if i paint everyday, but during the school days i only have the weekends to paint so it will take a while.

Oil painting for me is therapeutic. Its not like acrylic painting where you exaggerate forms and colors to attract attention and achieve the desired effect in the audience. Its a combination of naturalism and photorealism, and usually takes a long time to complete just one single painting. but i enjoy doing oil paintings because i seek great pleasure in the mixing of colors and slowly blending them on the canvas to make objects appear as real as possible.

It’s like when i paint, nothing else matters and nothing will affect my emotions anymore.

Title: Thawing in the Morning Sun

I like how the warm sunlight falls on the church building and makes it appear golden and stand out against the icy blue snow on the ground. The tree trunks are done using knife to make it seem slightly textured. To illustrate the tree leaves I used a very dry brush with minimal paint and dashed about the canvas so that they appear as a cluster and do not have definite individual form.

Title: Through the Windowpane

The setting of this painting is a lake in Suzhou. The point of view is from behind a windowpane that has droplets of rainwater trickling down. To approach this painting i first painted the objects with distinct outlines and colors, then i blurred the outlines using white and black and created some droplets of water on the surface. It was something new for me, i love trying out new painting styles and techniques.

Title: Still Life with Chrysanthemums

Honestly, I hate painting flowers because you have to slowly carve out every single petal because its not like painting an inflorescence. I have to admit that this is very tedious and i get bored easily. but i think its still worth it after i finished all the details and stuff (: by the way, i think the frame makes my painting look expensive. framing really makes a difference.

Title: Still Life, Violin

This is my all-time favourite still-life painting! i think violin is a really elegant object to paint, especially under a light source. It appears graceful and stylish with the highlights and also due to the contrasts of color. Also, this painting can be read as my appreciation for music and how i really hoped i could do music. But since I can’t due to the lack of innate talent as seen from my awful out-of-tune singing and failure to play any musical instrument despite trying out several when i was young, i decided to paint a musical instrument. Yes, it seems depressing when i put it in this way, i really want to do music):


2 thoughts on “Artwork: A Series of Oil Paintings

  1. Whoa this is really awesome! I especially like the church and the violin paintings 🙂 Ahh the trees in the first painting and the silk is the last painting is done so skillfully! Envious of your talent 😀


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