Artwork: Entry for “Youth For Transport” Art Competition 2010

Date: 25 June 2010

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16 X 20 inches

Title of competition: Youth for Transport Art Competition in Celebration of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics Games

Category: Youth

Theme: Be Hip, Go Public


My artwork showcases the efficient transport system in Singapore. It illustrates the act of taking public transport as a very “hip” thing to do and encourages the public, especially youngsters, to really make use of these convenient and envrionmentally friendly vehicles to travel around the island. I hope that my artwork would be able to capture the attention of the public with its striking colors and bold words, and to present the advantages of our very own public transport system to the world.

I took 4 days to complete this painting, including brainstorming and research. It was quite rush because i had to complete it by the end of holidays. I wanted to create the effect of the taxi/train/bus almost speeding out of the canvas so i had played with perspective and the use of contrasting colors. Personally I feel that the composition of this painting was not very compact, things were all over the place. so in the end i had to make use of words to link them up and give the painting a sense of unity. But to prevent the words from being too abrupt and standing out from the entire painting i used the same color as the background (sky) but different tones so that they fit nicely into the canvas. Without words it looked like this:


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