Artwork: Bio assignment- Alien Flower

we had a biology assignment on the topic plant reproduction
the instructions given was to come up with an alien flower that has adapted itself for pollination by a specific pollinator on planet earth. and the pollinator that me and my partner got was “grasshopper”. i did some research on grasshoppers and came up with this alien flower. i call it Acritohopoaceae because “Aceae” is the Latin ending that indicates a plant family, “acrito” is short for acritochaete, which is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family (true grasses), and “hopo” represents the main way by which its pollen grains are pollinated- grasshoppers.
i think school assignments like these are better than just fill in the blanks type because it makes you think, do research and makes use of your creativity. and creativity is one of the most important things in the 21st century, even my language arts teacher says so :>

the quality is not really good because i did this in 15 min or so before submission.
i did the drawing and my partner did the words (:
my bio teacher is seriously very encouraging haha


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