Sculpture: Seahorse!

Some seahorse sculptures that are hung from the ceiling using transparent fishing threads.

i made the seahorses by twisting the wires and following the lines on my sketch that i have done beforehand.


3 thoughts on “Sculpture: Seahorse!

  1. I love your seahorse! The gold one looks better than the glow-in-the-dark one. Are you still gonna use it? I think it’s really cool how you shaped the seahorse according to your sketch, all the while still maintaining the structured, skeletal look of the seahorse. I think you can put up pictures of its front profile, cause I can’t really tell if it’s just flat. The gold works well with the black background, so I guess it’ll look good in your dark box. 😀

    • Yeah thanks 😀 i like their colors too but i dont really know how to display them in the box! because they are flat so i need to think of some cooler way to hang or they wont add anyth to the box. btw, i call it Oceanarium (:

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