Artwork: Photos from London and Paris

most of the pics are taken by my phone because my cam died on the first day šŸ™‚

i will see u again paris, hopefully sometime soon

personal favourite:



5 thoughts on “Artwork: Photos from London and Paris

  1. HAHA OMG MEIZHEN YOU SO SUAY. cam die on first day. so sad T.T but anyways! your phone camera dam good can. the photos are really clear. ^^

    i really like and, maybe because i personally really like taking photos of the sky ^^ the skies are really beautiful, and i like how in the first photo(that i mentioned in this comment), you let the sky occupy most of the picture and also that cross in the sky. šŸ™‚ for the second picture i like, i just LOVE the ferris wheel! omg! so pretty! the natural lighting is gorgeous, and the silhouette of the ferris wheel and the buildings were captured really well. the way the ferris wheel was at the side was also good. ^^

    i’m really fit enough to talk about what should be improved, but hmmmmm, maybe the contrast? in some of the photos, there can be more contrast between the colours. šŸ˜€

    paris is such a beautiful place~ i hope i can go there someday too and take a gazillion photos~!!!!


  2. HI MEIZHEN šŸ˜€

    I remember the silver lady! It was the day we had ice-cream outside the National Gallery(: yayyy. I seem to be commenting on alot of london trip related posts. Anyway, I like your photos alot(: I agree with Sihui, the skys are all damn nice O: I miss London ):

    My favourites are the 7th and 8th one. The one with the wine shop thing I like because it has alot of colours? but it isn’t like cluttered, and you used a good exposure so the red wasn’t too bright and overpowering(: its cute, the colours are like little blocks, heh. The one after that I love because of the lighting, it has a super romantic lighting(:

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