What does it mean to be creative?

To me, being creative is having the courage to be different, challenge preconceived notions and expand boundaries. Being creative is being explorative, which allows us to pursue what lies outside the given reality. Creative people are never afraid to take the road less travelled.

Most people are comfortable with what they observe in daily life. However, a creative person has an acute mind and are able to perceive the same things from a novel perspective and thereby generate new ideas or solutions to problems. They are curious, inquisitive and passionate about many aspects of life.

Creative people, like entrepreneurs, are also risk-takers. They are not discouraged by other people’s opinions and doubts, and stand up for what they believe in – whether it is a personal understanding of things or solution to a problem.

In art, being creative means being open towards experimentation and exploration of different ideas and materials in the artistic pursuit. Creative artists like to think out-of-the-box and are never restricted in their thoughts or ways of expression. A creative work of art can be both appealing and shocking at the same time.

People are naturally drawn towards creative things because they are unordinary. Yet, few take the initiative to become the creator of those things either because they are afraid of being different, or are just too accustomed to being like everyone else.

Albert Einstein once said, “Logic leads you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere.” This quote resonates with me deeply. A creative person is a traveller – he has been to places no one has before, and carries along with him creative ideas.


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